Which Thanksgiving Food are You?

Sienna Hilbourne, Graphics Editor

1. What is your favorite fall color?

a) Brown

b) Orange

c) Yellow

d) Red


2. What are you most thankful for this year?

a) Community

b) Family

c) Education

d) Good health


3. What does your ideal day look like?

a) Going to volunteer at the library

b) Hanging out with friends at home

c) Going out to the movies and getting dinner

d) Going on a hike


4. What is your favorite fall activity?

a) Baking

b) Reading a book

c) Watching a documentary

d) Playing in the leaves


5. What kinds of food do you like?

a) Savory

b) Sweet

c) Salty

d) Sour


6. What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving break?

a) Getting to see family

b) All the delicious food

c) Sleeping in

d) No school


7. What is your least favorite part about Thanksgiving?

a) Having to travel far

b) Forced social interaction

c) Being judged by distant family members

d) Seeing people you don’t want to see


8. What is your favorite autumn animal?

a) Bear

b) Chipmunk

c) Blue jay

d) Woodchuck


If you chose mostly A’s, you’re turkey! You are confident and always make time for the things you love. You are the type of person that might be found working as a doctor or social worker in the future. You love to help others and spend time with the people you care about.

If you chose mostly B’s, you’re a pumpkin pie! You are a sweet and caring person that will always make the people around you smile. Your idea of fun is relaxing by the fire or baking some sweets for a friend. You may be quiet, but once people get to know you, they see how amazing you are.

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re cornbread! You are a person who likes to have fun, while also maintaining a realistic outlook on life. Life is all about balance, in your opinion. You also value your education, just as much as getting brunch with a friend.

If you chose mostly D’s, you’re cranberry sauce! You’re outgoing and love to have adventure in your life. You are an extrovert that can frequently be found out in nature. You value freedom and fun. Life is all about excitement and finding the things that make you happy.