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York High Schools Internet Troubles
Layla Dean, Writer • January 2, 2024

York High School is facing the same old problem once again - the internet keeps acting up. This issue is causing a lot of trouble for students and teachers alike. The lack of internet is making it hard for everyone to study and get work done during the...

Elf Movie Quiz
Bella Parrota, Writer • January 2, 2024

The Drama club presenting: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Chloe Whitbread, Writer • November 16, 2023

The York High School Drama Club performed The Legend of Sleepy Hollow this fall. This tale takes place in the countryside around a Dutch American...

Anna Doughty: Taylor Swift was my top artist this year!
MOTS: Spotify Wrapped
Molly Kenealy, Chief Editor • January 2, 2024

Sports standings 1-3-24
Maren Robinson, Writer • January 3, 2024

Stats: Girls Basketball: 5-3   Boys Basketball: 7-1   Girls Ice Hockey: 1-5   Boys Ice Hockey: ...

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A Visualization of Stress, Anxiety, and Exhaustion (The Guardian)
End of Quarter Panic
Chase Dolan, Writer • November 16, 2023

Deadlines are the epitome of stress and procrastination for high school students. Periodic deadlines like the end of quarters and semesters can...

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