The Start Of Eco-Club: 2022-2023

The Start Of Eco-Club: 2022-2023

Gracie Donnell, Eva Zheng, and Claire Hanson

This year, the start of school has also marked the development and growing participation in clubs and activities. At the activity fair in late September, Eco Club received widespread popularity and collected many names at sign-ups. At the first meeting, held on Thursday September 29th, there were many new faces showing excitement to be a part of a group and eager to create a more eco-conscious impact in our community through subcommittees and community involvement.

During every first meeting in Eco Club, the members are divided into sub-committees based on their interest. So far, we have some of our regular sub-committees such as Plastic Reduction, Composting, and Education, and developed new branches such as Energy Efficiency and Clean Beaches. The committee that received the most attention at our meeting was Clean Beaches, which could have great effects on our local community.

The Clean Beach committee focus is, well, in its name! Last year, Eco Homes sponsored a beach clean up. Many different organizations and people gathered to show their support. Even the YHS lacrosse team attended alongside Eco Club. As the beaches were cleaned, there was a repeated theme of microplastics, plastic bottles, and plastic strings. These are things that can kill sea life and pollute our water. The Clean Beach Committee also hopes to encourage awareness and enforce accountability in our community. By promoting change from those around us, we are able to take care of York Beaches and our environment as a whole.

Throughout the years, Eco Club has made connections with different committees and members. This community connection has strengthened the club and has allowed for the opportunity to make real, tangible change. Last year, the plastic reduction team worked with YHS faculty, as well as Victoria Simon (Chair of York Recycling Community) and Whitney Thortan (Food and Service Director). The Plastic Reduction Committee was able to earn a grant to implement reusable clamshell containers. As many of you know, salads are very popular at YHS. A staggering 60 clamshells are estimated to be disposed of daily. Plastic reduction will not stop here, but is continuing to expand on ideas that they are working to achieve.

Eco club is always looking for input and help! Feel free to contact teacher advisor, Mr. Cleary, or co-presidents Harper Howell and Emma Cleary.