October Horoscopes


Image by epikisuperstar on Freepik

Callin Noonan, Writer


An old friendship is waiting to be rekindled. Reconnect with a person from the past, and look for places to make new friends in life, but focus on further developing existing relationships. Proper communication and expressing emotion to those you trust is crucial.



Taking the easy way out of something complex will seem very tempting soon. Stay confident that your hard work will pay off, and have a clear head and vision forward in life. Allow yourself time to recharge and relax.



Allow yourself time to check off a long-standing item on your bucket list. New experiences will prove to be very beneficial and will spark new passions. Strive for self-improvement in all areas.



Take control of your destiny. Make changes in your daily routine, and efficiently get required tasks done. Spend needed time outdoors, and enjoy life.



Find reasons to laugh and to be happy in everyday life. Put your safety and health first, but remember to appreciate those around you. Make sure to treat those who treat you kindly the same way.



Appreciate what you have, and empathize with those around you. Be spontaneous, and savor time spent with friends. Patience and hard work bring good things to those who believe in themselves. 



Live without regrets. When an opportunity to make things right appears, take it. But learn from any mistakes you may have made in the past. Be comfortable with your decisions, and do not overthink old issues.



Unwanted distractions may form soon in your life. Stay focused on your goals, and do not stray away from your core values. Patience and determination will harbor great success.



A new opportunity will present itself. Take time to further work on and develop your passions and hobbies, as they may come in handy soon. Pay attention to your surroundings.



Time may appear to be moving faster now. Make sure to take time in your day to step back and reflect upon yourself. Work on developing a healthier self-image.



Don’t be afraid to take healthy risks if they present themselves. Allow yourself to be content with normal life, but not with a boring life. Freely express yourself in all areas of your life, especially artistically.



Become confident in your abilities. Trust that when you fail, you will learn and grow. In moments of indecisiveness, stay true to your heart, but consider the consequences of your actions. Fun times await you in the future.