Senior MOTS: Plans for next year

Molly Kenealy, Writer

Kathryn Fountain: “I’m going to North Carolina state university for secondary education with a concentration in english and I might minor in psychology.”
Callen Swann: “After graduating from York High School I will be attending Middlebury college in the fall. I will be studying architecture and am hoping to minor in either environmental science or economics. I’m excited to ski in Vermont during the winter, and am hoping to golf and join a social house!”
Emily Rainforth: “I’m going to be majoring in cyber intelligence with a minor in psychology at the University of South Carolina!”
Sylvain MacGovern: “I’m going to Northeastern where I’m going to be majoring in engineering undeclared, and I would like to do marine biology as a major or a minor, I haven’t decided yet.”
Seth Hulstrom: “I am going to be starting a business with my brother!”