How Much Do You Know About World Geography? Find out with these 10 Questions

Lucy Kocev, Writer

1. How many South American countries do not border Brazil?


2. Which two countries make up the island of Hispaniola?


3. Which of these African countries touch the Atlantic Ocean?
a. Liberia
b. Chad
c. Kenya
d. Burkina Faso


4. What is the order of the three Scandinavian countries from left to right?


5. If you were to list all of the world countries alphabetically, which would be first?


6. Which country would be listed last?


7. Name the 3 countries that border Honduras.


8. Which of these European countries is located farthest East?
a. Slovakia
b. Moldova
c. Hungary
d. Serbia


9. Which African country has the shortest coastline?
a. Democratic Republic of the Congo
b. Equatorial Guinea
c. Kenya
d. Sierra Leone


10. Which country extends further South – Venezuela or Colombia?






Answers: 1. 2 2. Haiti and Dominican Republic 3. A 4. Norway, Sweden, Finland 5. Afghanistan
6. Zimbabwe 7. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua 8. B 9. A 10. Colombia


How Did You Do?
8-10 Correct: Expert Explorer – nothing more to say; you’ve earned the title!
4-7 Correct: Traveler in Training – you know the basics, but it takes a little more to get to the pro level.
0-3 Correct: Beginner Backpacker – don’t worry, even the Expert Explorers had to start somewhere.