What to Expect at Prom 2022


Courtesy Seacoast Science Center

Seacoast Science Center from above

Sage Collis, Writer

As the weather begins to warm with early May, and seniors anticipate the end to their time at York High School, another exciting event looms on the horizon: prom. 

This year’s prom is taking place at the scenic Seacoast Science Center (as pictured). Guests will be able to access the center’s large wedding tent, surrounding field and beach area, and the building itself. Benches and places for photo opportunities will be placed alongside the water’s edge, welcome for student use. Several tables and chairs will also be available both inside and outside the building. Guests will be able to take breaks from dancing on the dance floor inside the tent, as well as enjoy the complimentary appetizers and drinks York High School will be offering. Prom will run from 7 to 11 p.m. this Saturday, May 14th. 

Additionally, York High School is offering a Grand March, located in the auditorium of the high

school. The Grand March also takes place on Saturday, May 14th. Although the March does not begin until 2:30, all students participating in the March must report to the YHS chorus room by 2 p.m. If you wish to participate in the Grand March and have not signed up for the event yet, please contact Mr. Cleary by Thursday, May 12th. 

Lastly, a final reminder that you need to have purchased tickets to attend both Grand March or prom. Students who do not have their names on the list of having purchased their prom tickets will not be able to attend either event.