New Website for the Agamenticus Sun


Greta Yauch, Managing Editor

The Agamenticus Sun Newspaper now has its own website! Designed by web editor Zoe Noonan, this website offers our readers a more efficient way of seeing all of the latest stories concerning events at YHS. Visit to see this new website.

Noonan explains her excitement about this new website. She says, “Modernizing the YHS newspaper has been a long overdue step in order to reach students at YHS.” At the start of the covid pandemic, the newspaper had to switch to an online version instead of handing out print copies, the system of delivery that had been used for years. This made those at the newspaper realize that sending out a digital copy was more efficient and reached a wider audience than the original form, prompting them to think further about potential improvements to the newspaper which led to the creation of the website. Now, our school newspaper will be available not only to students, faculty, and parents, but also to those outside of YHS that are curious about what’s going on in our school. 

Using a website will also allow for a faster, more innovative way of publishing our stories. Noonan says, “Having the format of a website will allow more room for creativity and the diversification of the media the newspaper publishes.” We can now publish time sensitive stories while they are still relevant, instead of waiting to publish the whole issue. 

The use of a website for our newspaper is an exciting new way of learning about our school that is more enjoyable and productive for our staff. “We’ve worked really hard to get this idea into fruition,” Noonan explains. She hopes students, faculty, and parents will take advantage of this new website and enjoy the hard work our staff does to bring awareness to school events.