Plastic reduction group takes action: Eco Club update


Gracie Donnell, Writer

While the YHS Eco Club continues to make progress on many goals, the plastic reduction subcommittee has started making important changes to the school. So far this year, the subcommittee has mainly been run by freshmen, and they have given the additional drive to take action!

So far the plastic reduction subcommittee has focused on current issues that need attention at YHS. The reduction of waste, as well as aiding in the reusing of products has been the main focus so far this year. The subcommittee has gotten YHS to start using reusable trays, as well as replacing the typical plastic-wrapped disposable utensils. Plastic can take up to 450 years to decompose and even then it is still present in the environment. These single-use products have been replaced with silverware. Also, York High School is right next to the beach which makes the threat of plastic harming sea life all the more present. It’s important to be thoughtful about the usage of plastic, and its effects on the world. Being not just mindful of single-use plastic but the availability to recycle is a priority for the Eco Club. So in addition, the Eco Club has restored the recycling in the YHS commons.

All these accomplishments are not without thanks to Victoria Simon, the Chair of York Recycling Community, as well as the support of Whitney Thorton who is the Food Service Director. Having support from outside resources is extremely helpful to the progression of changes occurring at YHS. The action that the plastic reduction subcommittee has taken does not stop here, as plastic reduction is soon to be looking at the waste at York High School. The group will be looking to see if products such as cans are being recycled and at the same time taking note of products that are most wasteful from our high school. This will be a helpful way to determine the next focus of the Eco Club, whether that be alternative snacks for school lunches that don’t use as much plastic, or YHS changing its approach to recycling. 

There are many great ways that the Eco Club can contribute to the general well-being of the school. Whether that be remembering to recycle, limiting single-use products, or just being conscious of your actions towards the world, they all make a difference. The Eco Club also encourages using the trays and silverware from the cafeteria, but it’s important to return them to the correct spot, so they can continue to be used. 

For questions or comments contact Mr. Cleary, or presidents of Eco Club, Emma Cleary, and/or Harper Howell.