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May 17, 2024

Defending State Champions: YHS Softball


In an exciting 2-1 victory over Nokomis, the York Wildcats won the title of Class B State Champions in 2023. The Wildcats only graduated 4 and have “the highly anticipated junior, Maren Robinson and talented freshman, Sarah Orso” joining the team this season, Coach Kevin Giannino said in an interview. When asked what his feelings are going into this season he describes how it is a scenario coming off of the championship. The team he says “has been put under pressure to do it again by the media,” but he assures that he is not putting pressure on the girls to become state champions again, but rather “fuel their love of competition.” “It is their love to compete and desire to win that will get the team to the championship again this year,” he says. 

This competitive environment is a staple of the York softball community. Coach Giannino recalls how former player, Maddy Raymond, class of 2023, used to say “You find out very quickly what a wonderful culture and family support system within the softball team.” This culture across all sports here in York, breeds outstanding athletes and champions, which hopefully the softball team will contribute to this year. Coach Giannino is hopeful for this season as the talent this year is “better than ever” and the “team is strong 1 through 9.” The biggest competition being pitted against the Wildcats, in the conference, is Poland, and overall is their state championship opponent, Nokomis. It will for sure be an exciting season for the Wildcats!

Regardless of wins and losses, Coach Giannino loves coaching this sport and this team. He is amazed at the athleticism of the girls on the team and female athletes in general, and he has tremendous respect for softball as a sport. He does believe there is work to be done, as “it is the little things that win and lose games.” Coach Giannino wants to work those little things to perfection so there can be little left up to chance in the success of the Wildcats this year. Overall, expectations are high for the Wildcats this season, but the desire to win is even higher. 

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