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May 17, 2024

Defending State Champions: YHS’s Boys Lacrosse Team

As is well known, York had championship seasons in both Boys Lacrosse and Girls Softball last year. With the new lacrosse season kicking off right around the corner we talked to the coaches and players about their hopes and expectations for the upcoming season. 

“It is going to be hard work…last season we climbed to the top of the mountain, and this year we have to remember that we’re back at the bottom again. We’re the big fish now…the team to beat. We’re going to have to work harder than last year to get it done.” said Coach Mark Anastas about the upcoming season. 

“I expect a lot for this upcoming season. It’s gonna be a great season and I expect the best from the boys both on and off the field.” Said JV captain Josh Neal when asked about his hopes for the new year. This sentiment was echoed by varsity goalie Brendan Dowling who said; “The boys are gonna be buzzing.” when asked about his expectations for the first game. 

Overall, the sentiment from the championship team is that they are determined and focused on this season and they will be champions again. Despite adverse weather conditions York Lacrosse has shown significant progress in the first few weeks of practice between all three teams. The team boasts a player count of over 50 and the program has never been this large. Stay tuned for announcements about home games in the morning and make sure to support all York sports programs. 

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