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January 3, 2024
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January 2, 2024

    A Guide to a Sustainable Holiday Season

    With the excitement of the holiday season in the air, it is easy to forget about the well-being of the planet. The average person produces 5 pounds of trash per day, and this increases to 6.25 pounds per day during the holidays. Whether it be from glittery wrapping paper, or plastic packaging, there is no doubt that this magical time of year is also one of the most wasteful times of year. Never fear! There are ways to combat this excessive waste, and make the holidays a joyful time for all, including the planet!

    To begin, try some creative alternatives when wrapping your gifts this year. Experiment with some “do it yourself” gift wrapping! Reusing paper shopping bags, newspaper, or fabric is a sustainable and fun way to be more sustainable during the holidays. Saving wrapping paper is also a great way to reduce your waste production. Instead of ripping your gift open, preserve the beautiful wrapping paper to reuse!

    Secondly, use eco-friendly holiday decorations! It is easy to fall victim to over consumption during the holidays, sometimes it is hard to steer clear of the cute decorations in every store you pass. However, consider making your own decorations, or sourcing them second hand. You can make garlands for a Christmas tree, popcorn strings, wreaths, and paper chains. Using decorations like pine garlands or wreaths is more sustainable than buying plastic decorations every year, because the materials can return back to the earth and decompose. You can also take a trip to a thrift shop near you, and see what kind of holiday goodies you can find there. You can give something a second home, and not contribute to excessive holiday decoration waste. 

    A great way to be kind to the planet this season is to give sustainable presents. Gift reusable things like reusable water bottles, beeswax food wraps, or high quality clothes. You can also give an experience rather than a physical item. Take someone to their favorite movie, their favorite sporting event, or even just out to dinner. This will create a memory lasting far longer than any item you give.

    Lastly, don’t forget to shop local. Support your local businesses while you reduce your carbon footprint. Buying from places like Amazon and other online retailers contributes to carbon emissions during the shipping process. The person receiving your gift will be grateful for a more personal, close to home gift. 

    Ultimately, the holidays are a tricky time surrounding keeping the planet healthy, but everyone can do their part. Ranging from switching up how you wrap presents, having a crafty day making decorations instead of buying them, gifting reusable gifts, or hand making or buying your gifts locally, every little action makes a big difference. While spending time with your friends and family this holiday season, don’t forget about the best friend we have; Earth, the place we call home!

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