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January 2, 2024

York High School’s Internet Woes

York High School, a pillar of education and technology is currently grappling with a perplexing internet connectivity issue. The problem is causing disruptions for both staff and students. We had a chance to speak with members of our school community to understand the consequences of this unreliable internet and the strategies in place to fix it. 

Students are encountering a multitude of issues due to the erratic internet. They are dealing with increased homework loads, environmental concerns due to paper usage, and a sense of boredom and isolation. Students mention it can be hard to contact parents or guardians when the internet is down. Valuable study hall periods are also going unused. 

Teachers and staff have exhibited flexibility while facing these internet challenges. Educators reliant on the internet for their curriculum, such as Mr. Wyatt, our computer science teacher, are finding it exceedingly difficult to teach classes effectively. He says, “It’s near impossible to do work without the internet in a computer based class, it’s like someone gave me a car without an engine and told me to drive across the country.” Student services have been impacted as well. Staff has had to adopt more traditional teaching methods, and the unpredictability has disrupted lesson planning. As Madame Perkins, a French teacher, aptly puts it, “the internet is a big gray mystery.” 

The origin of the issue is described by Patrick O’Rouke, the school’s Network/Systems Admin. A crucial infrastructure replacement in late September initiated the problem. A local expert was engaged to rectify the situation, ultimately resorting to internet access. Meanwhile, a new wireless controller has been bought, with initial setup in progress. 

Students and staff are unified in their plea for reliable internet, reflecting on how these issues were nonexistent in the previous year. They emphasize the need for maintenance measures to prevent disruptions in the future. In conclusion, the recent internet complications at York High School prove that the role of technology in education is vital. The school administration is actively addressing the problems, recognizing that a stable internet connection is key.


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