Concert Band Performance

Sophie Scapicchio, Writer

On April 3rd, the YHS concert band got an exciting opportunity—the University of Maine Symphonic Band came to perform a joint concert with the concert band. The performance was at 7:00PM, and the high school concert band played five pieces, followed by a performance from the Symphonic Band. It was an opportunity for the concert band, or anyone who came to observe, to see what a college band looks and sounds like, and grow from the experience. The music selection was eclectic, and Mr. Sovetsky says of it, “The music that was performed at the concert was a mixture of classic and new band literature. I feel that it is important to teach students about the history of the concert band through the music that I choose. The music IS our textbook.”

The Symphonic Band is a prestigious group from UMO, being one of the few ensembles from the university that does require an audition to join. They are directed by Christopher White, and do several on-campus performances annually, as well as a spring tour and several concerts in schools such as this one every year. YHS band director Mr. Sovetsky is a former member of the ensemble himself, and was very excited for the performance.

This is not the first time this kind of joint concert has happened, however. York High School last hosted the Symphonic Band in 2018, and director Mr. Sovetsky says on the subject, “I believe it is very important for students to hear ensembles that have more experience.  Collegiate ensembles give the students something of a goal for important concepts such as tone quality and phrasing.”

However, if you didn’t manage to see this performance, don’t worry—the YHS band has two more performances this school year. The spring concert takes place on May 16th, and two weeks later, on May 30th, the concert band will be marching in the Memorial Day Parade, which goes through the center of York. Both performances were great, as was the concert with the University of Maine, or in the words of Mr. Sovetsky, “I was very proud of the performance on Wednesday evening.  I am looking forward to our spring concert on May 16th.” The spring concert built on the momentum created by the concert with the University of Maine Symphonic Band. The concert band played a lively selection of pieces and celebrated the end of the school year.