Winter Activities


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Sienna Hilbourne, Writer

Winter can seem long and dreary as the temperature drops and the sunlight fades. Even though this time of year is sometimes lacking in cheer, there are countless activities you can do to keep yourself happy. It’s important to bundle up and get outside to soak up the sun whenever you can. Do these fun activities with friends or get some alone time to make the winter pass by quickly. 

Skiing and Sledding 

Most say that you must know how to ski if you live in Maine. Skiing is indeed a popular sport in New England because of our perfect winters and mountains. However, you can always go sledding if you never learned how to ski. They are both great options. Head down to the local golf course on Organug Rd to sled for free. Whether you use a traditional sled or a tube, flying down a hill in the snow is a fun activity for people of all ages. 

Snowball Fights 

Snowball fights are the perfect way to combine fun with a little competition. Organize a tournament between friends or siblings and establish some home bases and rules. Wait until the snow is perfect for compacting, stacking on snowballs, and outsmarting your opponents. You can stay active even during the winter while embracing the snow. 

Build a Snowman 

If competitions and games are not for you, take some time to build a snowman. You could build snow people, animals, plants, or buildings. The possibilities are endless, as snow is a medium anyone can work with. Put your artistic skills to the test and have fun building your new creation. Add some sticks and stones to bring it to life. 

Ice Fishing 

When the ice has frozen clear and thick enough to walk on, at least 4-5in or more, you can go out ice fishing. Make sure to fish safely, always going out with someone else. There are still whole ecosystems living under the ice that you can discover. If you enjoy fishing, continue in the winter with ice fishing. 

Movie and Game Night 

If you want to stay inside where it is cozy beside the fire, consider having a movie or game night with friends and family. Put out some snacks, good music, and relax. After a long day of playing outside, it is important to appreciate your warm home.