Super Bowl LVII: A Game to Remember

Callin Noonan, Writer

On February 12, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. The night began with the national anthem, sung by country singer Chris Stapleton.  On their respective first drives, the Eagles and Chiefs scored touchdowns, tying the game 7-7 early on. Towards the beginning of the second quarter, AJ Brown made an amazing 45 yard touchdown catch, bringing the Eagles ahead, and by halftime, the Eagles led 24-14.

The halftime performance by Rihanna, who performed even while appearing to be pregnant, spanned 13 minutes. The artist was quoted as saying creating the tracklist was the hardest part of the whole performance and show design, and that fitting the best representation of her as an artist into that short a timespan was one of the hardest things she’d ever done.

In the third quarter, the Chiefs began gaining on the Eagles, and had scored 21 to the Eagles’ 27. The Eagles were not as successful in the third or beginning of the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs pulling ahead to a 35- 27 lead, part of which was earned on the longest punt return in Super Bowl history. 

With pressure on the Eagles to score in the back half of the fourth quarter, Hurts ran the ball into the endzone with little over 5 minutes left on the clock, tying the record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback during a Super Bowl. In order to tie up the game, the Eagles had to complete a successful 2 point conversion, during which Hurts just barely squeaked into the endzone for 2.

The Chiefs regained possession, made their way downfield, and once at a comfortable distance to kick began running down the clock to ensure their win. with seconds left, kicker Harrison Butker scores 3 from 27 yards away, bringing the score to 38-35, Chiefs. The Eagles make a final attempt with 8 seconds on the clock, and on an incomplete Hail Mary throw by Hurts the clock runs out.

The Kansas City Chiefs have won Super Bowl LVII, their second in four years. The game was close down to the final minutes, with amazing plays by both teams, but in the end the Chiefs pulled ahead on account of their performance in the second half. 

After the game, red and yellow confetti poured down into the stadium from above, while the Chiefs celebrated and dumped purple Gatorade on head coach Andy Reid. Reporters filled the field, interviewing many members of both competing teams, especially quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Every year, there are winners and losers of the Super Bowl, and with a close game this year, both teams solidified themselves as dominant forces. Many people will be excited to see the direction both competitors take in coming seasons, with promising quarterbacks heading both teams.