Free Coffee with Eco Club


Eco club members handing out coffee

Gracie Donnell, Writer

During the long-awaited end of midterms, Eco Club members combined their efforts in ways that they could help encourage students on their last day of school to make eco-conscious choices. After collaboration, they decided to have a coffee bar – the only catch being, if you didn’t bring in a reusable coffee mug, no coffee! After 3 rescheduled dates due to snow days, they were ready to have the coffee bar. 

This midterm had many students feeling “unhinged, and strung out” as midterms had dragged on painfully slow with the waiting anticipation. Eco Club’s goal was to create a solution to that problem by having something for students to look forward to on the final day of midterms. Putting this together was “no small task, and every part that somebody contributes to helping the fluidity of a club effort like this is appreciated!” says Ella Patterson, a student leader in the event and member of Eco Club. It seems simple to put this together, but Eco Club needed to gain approval for the event, check for the approved location for the stand, find multiple coffee makers, find coffee pumps, bring in coffee grounds, and find ways to spread awareness to students (creating Instagram posts, asking Mrs. Suttie to post on her Instagram, etc). Many people contributed to making this event run smoothly, including but certainly not limited to: Mr.Cleary, Mrs. Burlingham, Mr.Farley, Mrs. Suttie, YHS Custodial Staff, YHS Kitchen Staff, and everyone who brought in materials and their time. 

Everybody came together in the end. Midterms started promptly at 8 am, and members of Eco Club arrived at 7:15 am to start brewing coffee. Some members contributed by making and bringing signage, Instagram posts, materials, and contacting teachers. Additionally, Mrs. Moynahan graciously offered a variety of coffee mugs that could be used if someone didn’t bring in a mug, and the best part is – they could keep the mug! Students had fun choosing from the variety of mugs. Many were curious about why there was coffee and mugs waiting for them, which gave Eco Club members the opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of using reusable containers. 

Although fuses popped, coffee randomly stopped and started brewing, and there was a confused and groggy line of YHS members, it was a thoughtful and intentional action that pushed community members to understand what is behind the incentive of free coffee – and not just for midterms, but the effect on the environment they have when they use reusable cups. “It can be really difficult to connect with the student body in an authentic way, yet when offering something like coffee it allows for connectability in our goals, and helps them understand the connection to the event,” explains Ella Patterson. Eco Club hopes to continue such events, and promote positive and environmentally friendly actions by creating a mindful and clean environment. And next time, hope, pray, and wish that a fuse doesn’t blow.