Senior Facilitators and Freshmen Prides


Senior Facilitators Macy Young and Emily Rubin with their freshmen pride

Sage Collis, Writer

This year, York High School welcomed another batch of students to our building- the freshmen class of 2026. The transition from high school to middle school can be stressful for most students. The change brings more responsibility, more independence, more choices, and frequently more anxiety. According to Jessica Irwin, a freshman student here at York High School, “the classes are more difficult, and the no advisory and pride thing is odd.” However, high school can also mean the opportunity to meet new people, broaden perspectives, and learn new talents or interests. 

To aid with this major life change, York High School provides every freshman pride with two Senior Facilitators, seniors within the school who spend orientation day and every other Friday pride with their freshmen. During this time, senior facilitators can answer questions, play games, give advice, bring snacks, or help freshmen find their way around the school to their classes. 

Senior facilitators are in agreement that they believe the program is beneficial- not only to their freshmen prides, but also to themselves. “I think that it’s really beneficial to both seniors and freshmen because it’s creating a bond between grades and bridging a social gap”, said senior facilitator Emily Rubin. Macy Young agreed, saying “I love being a senior facilitator. It’s a great way to get to know freshmen and help them transition into high school. I love my baby pride.” 

Freshmen themselves who participate in the senior facilitator program also agree that the program seems to be helping them adjust to life at York High School. “I can’t think of anything negative,” states freshman Clover Downs. “I look forward to visiting my freshmen pride, or ‘baby pride’ as I call it,” says Gracie Donnell. “They’re entertaining and funny, and I love spending time with them.” The ‘Senior Facilitator’ tradition will hopefully continue for many years to come, as it is clearly a beneficial program enjoyed by many.